Conventional and Euro Nymph Leader Formulas

conventional leader formula diagram
Above are a few of the conventional leader formulas for nymphing. They are advantageous when not wanting to switch between rigs, for example, when you know you will be fishing nymphs in the morning and dry flies in the afternoon, when the water you’ll be covering requires a suspension rig for long-distance areas and a sighter for closer areas, or when a tapered leader is required for turn-over. (click image for larger version)

euro leader formula diagram
Above are specific leader formulas for nymphing. The advantage is less drag, faster sink rate, and more sensitivity; practice keeping as much fly line and leader off the water and eliminating drag. They are designed to cast heavy and lightly weighted flies using a long flat leader formula combined with a longer rod (9 ft. or greater). Notice the dry dropper leader (in the second diagram) which typically performs better than the traditional dry-dropper formula through incorporating a long flat monofilament section for less drag. When fishing these rigs, many times the fly line is not out beyond the rod tip. (click image for larger version)