Brown Trout on Loyalhanna Creek Pennsylvania

By improving his casting and creating in-the-air mends Adam is rewarded with this beautiful Loyalhannah brown trout . We recently spent an evening on the Delayed Harvest section, which has been greatly improved through the years by the Fobres Trail Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Trout evolved from a marine species that moved south during the ice ages and returned north afterwards. Transported by man in the nineteenth century, trout did not move south beyond the equator on their own naturally. Originally, from Europe, the Brown trout range now includes Asia. Much of fly fishing history takes place in Britain. North American fly fishing is considered the new kid on the block.

Brown trout often described as the wariest and hardest to catch of all trout. Not a native of the United States, they were stocked in the late 1800s from various locations, including Scotland and Germany. Typically sizes averages 10 to 16 inches but many grow much larger. As they grow, above 20 inches or so, their diet changes from a staple of bugs to less often but more substantial meaty meals like minnows and crawfish.