Trout Habitat

I know where to find the Cheez Doodles in my pantry, and on cool days when the sun is out, I like to eat them on the back porch. I feel much better when the humidity is low. My favorite time to exercise is in the morning.

My favorite time to go to sleep is in the evening, but I make exceptions. Like me, and you, trout have their habitat preferences and habits too. When it comes to fly fishing for trout, the primary factors for good habitat are:

  • Cold water: Trout like cold water. This gets a little tricky, but the best range for reproduction is approximately 42–52 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • pH: 6.5 to 7.5
  • Oxygen: Aquatic plants make oxygen. The balance of clean cold water and naturally occurring chemistry promote aquatic plant growth, consequently making great habitat.
  • Clean water: Bacteria absorb waste, and strong stream flows dilute it. This combination is critical to clean water for trout.
  • Food: Trout fry eat insects and microorganisms. Richly oxygenated and pH-balanced cold water provides the proper temperature, bacteria, and microorganisms that trout fry need to survive. Trout-friendly waters give the microorganisms and trout fry an environment to flourish, thus resulting in continued production of offspring and completion of the cycle of life. Finding cold water habitat does not necessarily mean we are going to find trout, but it is a great start.