A few take-away points about fishing with flies.

8617607846_548c862fbd_bFlickr: henricksrobert

  • Aquatic insects: Majority of a trout’s diet.
  • Terrestrials: Land born insects that fall from trees, are blown by the wind and land in the water.
  • Trout are opportunistic feeders they’ll eat fish eggs, leaches, mice, and a host of other things.
  • Choosing what the trout are feeding on is a crucial piece to successfully solving the fly fishing puzzle.
  • Using flies tied on a hook from various materials to represent the food source is a major part of the puzzle.
  • The fly patterns used are categorized by the closeness of
    resemblance to the actual food source.
  • Two primary fly pattern categories: Suggestive and Realistic
  • When an abundance of a specific
    food source is available,trout can become very selective.