Protect and conserve trout habitat

Bedford Pennsylvania
As with many outdoor activities, the health of our natural environment is critical to the enjoyment and long-term vitality of our sport. This is the tip of the iceberg, because outdoor sports and recreation are merely the luxurious result of having an environment to enjoy. We have much greater concerns, by the time the degradation of our natural environment impacts fly fishing.

There is a cost associated with enjoying the great outdoors. The cost is actively protecting and restoring the great outdoors to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the same experiences. Ultimately, it is our survival at stake. Trout are key indicators to the health of a watershed and the local environment. Grassroots organizations provide passages for resolving these issues. Here are a few outstanding organizations:

• Trout Unlimited (
• InternationalFederation of Fly Fishers (
• Nature Conservancy (
• World Wildlife Fund (
• Sierra Club (
• One Percent for the Planet (