Fly Fishing + Timing = Improved Catch Rates

Gone Fishin'
Photo: Flickr, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Sometimes it’s that easy. Yes you can throw in a bunch more factors but many times you don’t need to do more than the above. Let’s break in down:

Fly Fishing
As a wise man once told me “You can’t catch fish if your line ain’t in the water.” Simple but true. It’s amazing just how many anglers don’t have their fly in the water nearly enough. Whether you are for or against competitive angling that is one of the secrets to winning. For the recreational angler it may be very well the difference between catching and the dreaded skunk. Whether you are tangling you’re leader too often, engaged in lengthy knot tying sessions, making over complicated fly selections, walking around uncertain of good water, or snagging trees every other cast. All of these time consuming issues leave your fly dangling in the breeze completely out of the water. Fortunately there are solutions to all of the above. Practice knot tying at home; turn it up a notch and try in front of a fan and time yourself. Have spare rigs tied-up with flies attached ready to go. Practice casting for a few minutes in your back yard; it does wonders for your on-stream accuracy. Know your bugs and other food sources. Have confidence with a handful of flies. Don’t spend too much time trying to untangle birds’ nests just cut it off and tie a new rig on. Prepare as much as you can at home prior to your outing.

Knowing when your chances are greater is paramount to catching fish. Many factors come in to play. Temperature, location, species, weather, and season are primary factors. What I am suggesting here is that fishing at the right time helps considerably. It’s the reason so many anglers fish only through the spring and fall months. Of course as you become more passionate (aka addicted) you will fish all year, all the time, and find pleasure in doing so. Point is the big number days are usually experienced during the peak times of the year and/or day.

Improved Catch Rates
Improved catch rate that sounds so technical. Let just call it catchin’ a mess of fish. There’s not much more to it other than getting out as often as you can and have some fun wrangling a few fish. With your fly in the water as much as possible.