Fly Fishing Patterns for the Fall Season in Pennsylvania fall fly fishing
The fall fly fishing season in Pennsylvania is upon us. Choosing the right fly is part of the puzzle. Below are must have patterns for fly fishing in Pennsylvania during the fall season.


Beetles and other terrestrials are still getting around until a few heavy frosts. In fact they can be very active at times; for example, when the sun is out warming things up. Fish are conditioned to feed on them from mid-summer to fall so it doesn’t take much coaxing. A popular tactic is to forcefully plop the fly down on the water in order to induce a strike.
Fly Fishing Beetle Patterns
Terrestrial Trout Fly Fishing Flies Collection: 23 Flies + Fly Box


These guys are just so abundant and just like beetles they are very active at times. Fish love them. You might even encounter the flying version which makes for a spectacular feeding frenzy event. Pack plenty versions including sunken styles but black is my favorite.
Fly Fishing Beetle Patterns
Black Fur Ant Fly

Black Crickets

Have you noticed one of the sounds of autumn? The crickets get loud and abundant. It’s no surprise why they work so well this time of year. Fish them near the banks and eddies.
Fly Fishing Cricket Pattern
Cricket Black Hi Vis Parachute


The ever present, critically important midge. You should find many opportunities during the season to fish these little morsels.
Fly Fishing Midge Patterns
FIREBUG Zebra Midge Assortment – #20 (18 flies)


Always have this pattern with you. They can be used as Blue Winged Olive and Slate Drake imitations in a pinch.
Fly Fishing Adams Patterns
Adams Assortment


Let the big dogs run! This is when streamer fishing really peaks. The fish are trying to pack on the pounds and are more willing to chase meaty meals. Use various colors and sizes depending on the water and conditions.
Fly Fishing Streamers
Rainy’S Igl081K-02 Galloup’S Blk Dungeon

Pheasant Tail Nymphs

My all-time favorite nymph because it just works even when it doesn’t make sense. Smaller sizes represent the BWO’s and larger sizes into the bigger meal category; like streamers.
Fly Fishing Pheasant Tail Nymphs Patterns
Pheasant Tail Nymph Fly Fishing Fly