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Patagonia the popular clothing company has been making great products for many years. Their roots begin with Yvon Chionard.
Many folks don’t even know who Yvon Chionard is; and if they do it’s probably because of Patagonia the clothing company. Funny thing is he never really wanted to start a business he just wanted to climb mountains and needed a way to fund his expeditions. So he did what any creative forward thinking person does he starting making and selling something.

He never lost his moral compass and it shows through Patagonia’s stellar quality. As with everything you get what you pay for and that’s if you’re lucky. Patagonia ain’t cheap but when you have technical wear that outlasts your reels, rods and packs, as I do, you’ll appreciate the long-lasting value.

Yvon Chionard is a leader in many respects. He is on the fore-front of businesses aiming to make the workplace environment stimulating and commutative ; somewhere you like going to everyday. Patagonia is serious about their corporate responsibility.

“Underlying much of what challenges Patagonia is the modern commitment to growth and consumption. We’ve begun to look seriously at these twin conundrums and took out an ad on Black Friday in 2011 that read, “Don’t Buy This Jacket.

He is #1 member of 1% Percent for the Planet, a grassroots effort that’s mission is the brainchild of his friend and fly fishing buddy Craig Matthews of Blue Ribbon Flies. Who is also the founder of the Three Dollar Bridge project but that’s a story for another time.

“1% for the Planet’s mission is to build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet….”

Good chance you are an angler if you have made it down this far in my post. Check out Damn Nation if you want to find out what you and Patagonia can do together.

Oh and don’t forget Tenkara.

So as a conservationist, fly fisher, and human being, I hope you enjoy Patagonia products as much as I do.

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