Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission wants to allow bait fishing in protected waters!

You have probably heard that the PA Fish and Boat Commission recently proposed changes to all Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Sections (DHALO).
If you go to this link and scroll down to page 3, you will find the proposal.

Go To the link below to have your voice heard:

I know as anglers many of you have a personal opinion on these changes. I hope you will take the time to make your individual comments to the PFBC when the comment period opens. This will be critical in order to make a difference.

As many of you know, I believe that any water that can sustain a wild natural reproducing fishery should be left alone. I also believe more license dollars should be applied to restoring and conserving wild populations rather than producing expensive hatchery fish. Look at the outstanding success story the Little Juniata has become; and continues. Lastly, I’d much rather teach children about a genuine life cycle in motion rather than have them follow a hatchery truck to the local hole.

I have made comments available on this post and would like to hear your thoughts on this matter so please feel free to comment below… after you have commented on the PFBC site 🙂

Go To the link below to have your voice heard:

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Title 58. Recreation
Part II. Fish and Boat Commission
Chapter 65

Pennsylvania Trout Unlimited Council Stance:
DHALO(PFBC) – Rev_2.23.15

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission wants to allow bait fishing in protected waters!”

  1. What DHALO waters did your biologist conduct interviews on ? I talk to a lot of guy’s on these streams don’t believe any would think this is a good idea ! Private landowners wouldn’t ! Create a two week catch and release period at the beginning of the season on all PA trout waters , this way kids will have chance to actually catch fish wherever they fish and creates better fishing for everyone. Oh, that’s right the greedy bait guy’s wouldn’t like that !

  2. A lot of these protected waters are privately funded by anglers. They are because these anglers want the ability to catch and release for another day. I’m all about getting kids fishing but allowing bait in protected waters is the beginning of a bad idea. I feel it’s the states way of allowing opportunity to people for free fish. The stockings by the the have been have been decreasing over the years and the fish seem to get put in large numbers in shorter stretches. Studies need to be done on current fisheries and also streams that are not being used. Agreements need to be made with more landowners and we as anglers need to be more wise to the environment around all of us. This ruling will in my opinion ruin what little good we have in this state and ruin for the kids what future these waters provide, since they think this is for our young anglers

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