Simple trick to recondition your fishing flies


I recently dug to the bottom of my pack and found some interesting things. The sunglass strap I couldn’t find all summer. A pack of gum the had transformed itself into a wad of aluminum foil and gob of something else. And of course, a few smashed unrecognizable flies. Both are favorite patterns of mine; an olive mutuka sculpin, and my own caddis dry which is used more for strike indicator purposes but ends-up catching lots of fish. Here is a way to breathe new life into bedraggled fishing files.

1. Fill a sauce pan with a little water.
2. Bring to a boil.
3. Place colander over boiling water but not submerged only so the steam rises through the holes.
4. Place flies into colander.
5. Gently stir around from side to side and watch the the fly come back to life.

That’s it. Easy peasy! Now go fishing.