Pennsylvania Trout Season, April 18, 2015

Excited to get out and catch a few trout?
Hatchery trout are a put and take resource. This means they are raised in hatcheries then placed in streams and lakes to be caught and harvested. This is a great product to get beginning anglers involved in fishing.

Is the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission having trouble with maintaining current hatchery production? How about we trim down hatchery production and apply more of your license dollars to restoring and improving wild trout fisheries.I believe a strong wild trout fishery would bring more dollars to Pennsylvania. I also think you would have more fun fighting strong streamborn trout. I know that central Pennsylvania receives a high volume of out-of-state anglers due to it’s excellent blue ribbon wild trout opportunities. Do you know about class A water and regulations? Please take a moment to consider this and what we want to leave for future generations.

I wish every angler the greatest success with this year’s 2015 Trout season.

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