Create and maintain fly line tension for optimum fly casting

Olympic ribbon gymnastflickr: Laura Bittner

the state of being stretched tight.
“the parachute keeps the cable under tension as it drops”
synonyms: tightness, tautness, rigidity

What does fly casting and rhythmic (ribbon) gymnastics have in common? Tension. Both sports require a masterful a skill of maintaining tension on the line.

Because of this I believe Ribbon gymnasts would make great fly casters. If had to pick the number one fundamental for fly casting it would be maintaining tension on the line. You can get away with a sloppy stop or too long/short of a casting stroke. But if you do not maintain the tension you cannot throw the line. It just won’t go. You are throwing nothing.

Practice maintaining fly line tension:

  • Eliminate slack fly line before beginning the cast
  • Smoothly accelerate while making the casting stroke
  • Pause between the forward and back cast so the fly line unrolls almost completely
  • Samuel King Jr., Fly Fishingflickr: Samuel King Jr.

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