Fly Fishing The Little Juniata River, Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania

Recently our crew at PAFLYGUIDE.COM visited the Little Juniata River, in Spruce Creek Pennsylvania.
Chasing hatches is always a gamble. This year we didn’t hit the Grannom. In fact the peak emergence on the Little Juniata occurred in extreme high water so the fishing never really turned on full blast. In this video we started with high hopes but fell back to our tried and true tactics – down and dirty nymphing. I managed to catch a beautiful “J” brown with big shoulders using a small PT nymph.

I use a variety of tactics aimed at getting nymphs down to the bottom and keeping them there as long as possible. I was able to use small bead-head nymphs in the big pools. I get them to the bottom by making long casts, resulting in long drag-free drifts. The long drift provide the necessary time to allow small flies to sink to the bottom. Active mending is utilized to reduce drag and prevent the flies from lifting off the bottom resulting in the desired long bottom-bouncing drift.

Make sure to watch my short video showing the tuck cast which greatly helps at getting your flies to the bottom quickly.

Stay tuned, we’ve been busy finding great waters for our upcoming videos.

Thanks and remember: Go. Explore.

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