Seven must have flies for fly fishing Pennsylvania on opening day of trout season.

For many the spring season starts with going to their favorite water to try and catch a few recently stocked fish. I have written about this in the past a few times. I have many great memories of opening days with my friends and I believe it’s a nice way to learn the game.
Often beginning fly anglers have difficulty putting together a fly box for opening day trout season but unless you are specifically looking to fish over hatches you only need a handful of productive patterns to get you through the day. These are some of the best flies for fishing in Pennsylvania.

Pheasant Tail Nymph (size 16 – 12)
Pheasant Tail nymph
Originated by Frank Sawyer the Pheasant Tail nymph has evolved since he first developed the pattern without using tying thread. Now many patterns incorporate a beadhead and hot spot. This pattern is typically fished near the bottom but floating version work extremely well during a hatch.
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Prince Nymph (size 16 – 10)
prince nymph fishing fly
The materials used for the Prince Nymph make it one of the all-time best flies to represent many aquatic insects. Peacock herl represents everything from a cased caddis to bubbles being released during emergence. The tail and body shape suggest a stonefly. The contrasting color used for the biot wing case helps attract fish in a naturally shaped manner.
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Rainbow Warrior (size 18 – 20)

rainbow warrior nymph

Team USA champion Lance Egan knows what works. This fly has been a staple on the team for many years.
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Green Weenie (size 12)
green weenie fishing fly
Simple but effect is the trademark of the Green Weenie. Ask any fisherman be it for cold, warmwater, or saltwater there’s something magical about the color chartruse. Combine it with the shape of a cased caddis and you’ve got a real winner for trout.
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Woolly Bugger(size 6 -10)
Ask any early season minnow fisherman what fly pattern to use on opening day and he’ll tell your something that looks like a bait fish.

black woolly bugger

olive woolly bugger

white woolly bugger

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(size 12 -16)
adams fishing fly
Tried and true the Adams is a great searching pattern and early season imitation. Tied in many ways using various materials you can find a version of this pattern to use no matter the situation. Larger patterns make great dry/dropper indicators for fishing over pressured trout.
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Quill Gordon Wet Fly
(size 12 – 14)

quill gordon wet fly

Old timers and new will tell you there is nothing like getting pounced when swinging wet fly patterns downstream. Rather than gobs of split-shot, use good casting and mending techniques to get these flies down. The Quill Gordon mimics many early season flies. Fish them in pocket-water or runs on opening day and hold onto your fly rod!
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Hare’s Ear
(size 12 – 14)
hare's ear nymph
Crane fly larva? Buggy nymph? Whatever it is the Hare’s Ear works!
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fly fishing egg pattern
The work period. Try an assortment of colors.
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Learning to how to effectively use these patterns is where the rubber meets the road. I provide various opportunities for you to learn how to fly fish, ranging from simple brush-up casting sessions to complete fly fishing packages. I truly enjoy helping others in what is my life-long passion; pursuing fish on the fly.

Wishing you the best of luck this season!

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