Handy sighter indicator for fly fishing for trout

Built-in Leader Indicator/Sighter

Been toying around trying to improve the gold Stren style sight indicator that I have been using for years. Basically what the improvement consists of is using a blood knot coated with day-glo nail polish for visibility. This has kind of evolved. First I improved it by leaving small tags from the knot rather than clipping them neatly. This helped but in certain light they were still hard to see. Also it would pick-up debris even as much as I tried to keep it out the water. Next I added a small drop of day-glo colored nail polish which really helped. Finally I have added a coat of UV goo, like Loon or Clear Cure Goo.

This style of sighter is just that. It’s meant to help visually detect strikes not float flies like a bobber. Add a tippet ring to each side as this will make the sighter easily removable without cutting the Stren.

I typically don’t fish this on or below the surface because it’s meant to hang above the surface about 6 inches to a foot. Add/adjust the tippet and/or leader material to allow the sighter to ride in the proper position above the surface. Also, I have a begun to try different colors for different lighting situations. Try black for low light days and white for clear water spooky trout. A lot of the visibility has to do with the background against the sighter, but that’s no different than the original gold Stren style.

Try it out and tell me what you think.

built-in leader sighter for trout leaders www.paflyguide.com
Mark the Stren with black permanent marker.

built-in leader sighter for trout leaders
Paint the blood knot.

built-in leader sighter for trout leaders www.paflyguide.com
Coat the knot and some of the black with UV liquid.

built-in leader sighter for trout leaders www.paflyguide.com
Cure it with the light.

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