Are you interested in joining us for a fly fishing gathering?

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We’re sure most of you get pretty busy during the spring fly fishing season. Just like us we all have the best intentions to get out and fish with of our friends that we meet along the way but who has time for all of them before it’s over? Or maybe you’ve been meaning to meet a couple like-minded anglers because you are sure you’re not the only one that chases the dog around the house to get that special color dubbing.

Regardless, we’ve been kicking around the idea of putting on a gathering of sorts. Just plain ol’ getting together to fish, maybe tie some flies, tell some lies, and of course have a good meal. That’s it – keep it simple. So we are sending out a survey as kind of… well survey to find out if there is enough interest to develop this further.

If you are interested shoot us an email:

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