Fly Fishing Emergency Kit


There is no doubt sooner or later you’re going to be on the water fly fishing when disaster strikes. With a little forethought you can turn around a near disaster to an epic day.

Just like a wilderness survival kit, your Fly Fishing Emergency Kit must include one in each critical category:
Terminal Tackle
First Aid

Rod – Bringing along an extra rod is mandatory. It doesn’t have to be an expensive rod or even the correct weight as long as you have something to replace a lost rod, or a rod beyond repair. If I had to choose the most versatile fly rod for trout fishing it would be a 9 ft. 5 wt.

Reel – An extra reel is not mandatory for certain conditions because in dire circumstances you could utilize line without the reel A.K.A. Tenkara style. Although for most practical purposes you will do better by packing a spare reel with line.

Flies – Assembling a “little of everything” fly box, Plano 3600 our favorite, will get you by in most situations. In fact many veteran anglers use a sparse collection of go to flies regardless where they fish.

Terminal Tackle – Ever drop your box of split-shot in the muddy water – I have. Put together a small container of terminal tackle like, tippet, indicators, floatant, and split-shot.

Keep the above items separate from your other gear; carry-on luggage, off stream in your car, room, tent, etc.

Repair – This is where we will spend most of our time putting things together. Basically you need to create a MacGyver-like repair kit. Try to include items that can serve multiple purposes.

Repair kit items:
    Razor blade
    Small screwdriver(s)
    Assorted small screws/nuts/bolts
    Assorted small gauge wire (copper, aluminum)
    Assorted sized rod tip and rod guides
    Gorilla tape
    Assorted zip ties
    5-Minute epoxy
    Needle with large eye for dental floss
    Dental Floss
    Magnifying Glass

First aid items:
    Assorted gauze and bandages
    First aid tape
    Assorted pain relievers
    Anti-itch cream
    Insect sting relief
    Fine point tweezers
    Pocket size first aid book
    Emergency Space blanket(s)
    Fire starter
    Water purification
    Waterproof Paper/Pen

Find my list here to start your Fly Fishing Emergency Kit

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