Winter Micro Spey for Trout

winter pennsylvania brook trout:

Swinging flies is a blast and when I find the right situation it’s game on. Typical Spey fly patterns are way too big for Pennsylvania trout. So I have been working out some trout sized patterns with the same lifelike qualities as their big brother steelhead and salmon patterns. As you can see in this photo, my latest creation the M1 mini spey is pulling out some hunkered down winter trout.

M1 – Tying Instructions

Hook: Gamakatsu #09107 #6
Thread: Chartreuse Uni Thread
Body: Copper Medium UV Polar Chenille
Hackle: Black Hen
Flash: Rootbeer Krystal Flash
Underwing: Grizzly Hen
Overwing: Olive Ostrich

m1 mini spey
Wrap thread down to hook point.

m1 mini spey
Tie in polar chenille from rear of shank up half way.

m1 mini spey
Wrap thread back to mid way point.

m1 mini spey
Twist polar chenille in order to distribute chenille evenly.

m1 mini spey
Wrap polar chenille up hook shank to half the length of shank.
Trim polar chenille to taper shape from front to rear (front longer than rear).

m1 mini spey
Tie in grizzly hackle (one on each side).

m1 mini spey
Wrap in black saddle hackle.
Tie in Rootbeer flash.

m1 mini spey
Loosely tie in (two wraps) ostrich stack (10 – 12 barbules). Work ostrich around hook evenly with your fingers.

m1 mini spey
Tie in 2 or 3 ostrich barbules in front of ostrich wing.

m1 mini spey
Finish with head.


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4 thoughts on “Winter Micro Spey for Trout”

    1. Hey Bob glad you liked it. It’s my smaller variation of popular spey flies from the pacific northwest.

  1. Hey thanks for this pattern, I’m using it for brook trout this weekend in New Brunswick. They seem to like it more than anything else so far. I tied some on tandem tied #8’s instead of a single hook cause Brookies always seem to hit short and nibble on the single hook version.

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