Off the beaten path for Opening Day of Trout Season in Southwestern Pennsylvania

crowded trout fishing

It goes without question that early season trout fishing in Pennsylvania means crowded streams. All of the open stocked waters are filled with happy hatchery trout and it’s a great to see families, and friends out for a fish.

I have written about stocked trout and fishing for them a few times. Including good early season flies. Through the years I have gone the spectrum from sleeping in my car waiting for the opening day bonanza to sneaking out to small native runs and finding my own bit of nirvana.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of finding your own nirvana then maybe this is the year. In my backyard of southwestern Pennsylvania you will find ample opportunity to fish for Class A trout. Class A is the state’s highest level of protection . It represents wild natural breeding trout. Read the PAFBC laws here. The main point is you can NOT keep your catch in fact go a step further and do not remove them completely from the water when removing the hook.

A few that read this may be disappointed that I suggest fishing Class A waters. I believe and hope that if you get out and experience this for yourself that you will become part of the family that appreciates this wild natural resource and help us protect it.

The Pennsylvania fish and Boat commission offers a list of class A waters for the public to review. Below is a short list that I recommend exploring through the Laurel Highlands.

So get off the beaten path and find these beauties that nature provides…naturally. And while you’re at it do your part to help restore and conserve our natural resource.


Westmoreland county, Tubmill Creek, Mixed Brook/Rainbow, Headwaters to Tubmill Reservoir

Westmoreland county Camp Run, Brook, Headwaters to Mouth

Fayette county Rock Spring Run, Brook, Headwaters to Mouth

Somerset county Higgins Run, Brown, Stone bridge borehole to Mouth at Quemahoning Reservoir

Somerset county Keller Run, Brook, Headwaters to Mouth

Somerset county Pickings Run, Brook, Headwaters to Mouth

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