Audio Interview with Len Lichvar (Part 1)

“The Stonycreek River Gorge: This is a place that you have to want to fish.”

Len Lichvar at the Stonycreek River

I have written about the Stonycreek River before. My interview with Len Lichvar was a genuine pleasure. Len is the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commissioner for the Fourth District and a passionate conservation steward for the Stonycreek River as well as many other waters located in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Our discussion occurred in 2013 so a few things might have changed, for example, I do not know if the fingerling program is still active. The opportunity to talk with Len is beyond educational. Len gives us glimpses without the usual PR speak to a richer understanding of watershed issues and common sense approaches to solving them.

As a favor to me, Len and ultimately yourself – please spread the word about fostering stream reclaminaton projects like the Stonycreek River. It’s as easy as volunteering your time, talents, and financial donations to or your TU chapter.

Thanks for the interview Len and more importantly for the extensive work throughout the Conemaugh basin.

Key points:

  • 40, 000 fingerlings per year
  • Stony is confirmed as a manageable watershed for fingerling stocking
  • Success story: recovering fishery from acid mine drainage (AMD)
  • In additional to AMD Stony Creek has been confirmed that the fingerlings grow and survive
  • Known sediment pollution caused by agricultural use is another habitat killer
  • We are on a tipping point at any given time
  • Voted PA river of the year 2012
  • There’s a price to pay when you do something fast, easy, and cheap

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One thought on “Audio Interview with Len Lichvar (Part 1)”

  1. Hello Leo,

    I enjoyed the variety that came with this issue – nicely done, but I am left with one comment and one question.

    My comment is about the Len Lichvar video. I clicked on play and had audio but no video. I am using Firefox as a browser and my e-mail is on AOL. I do not know where the problem occurred but felt it best to let you know.

    My question is to ask for your recommendation of a relatively nearby stream with some easy to access areas to the water due to my mobility – your monthly makes me yearn to go fishing.

    I look forward to seeing you in the near future and look forward to your recommendation of a place to restart my fishing.


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