Fly Fishing The Damsel Fly

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As written before, midges are an important part of a trout’s diet. This is even more important in lakes and ponds. Another great nymph for still water is the damsel fly. As adults, they are the flies that kind of resemble a dragonfly, but are smaller and more delicate. An easy way to identify them is by their black wings and fluttering flight. Also, they rest with their wings folded over their body, unlike the dragonfly. Most often anglers focus on using the nymph version because adults do not rest on the water. The damsel nymph crawls toward the shore or weeds to emerge. This is a great opportunity for fish to feed on them and for anglers to imitate them. The nymph has a slender body and swims by darting around. A twitched or slowly hand-retrieved nymph is the perfect bait in many lakes and ponds.

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