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My honor to work with our nation’s heroes

Those who protect our great nation are truly heroes. We owe so much to them that it’s hard to know where to start. This year I volunteered my time and talents to work with military veterans through Project Healing Waters. Once again, I am humbled to work with men and women who have put their lives on the line to provide me with the freedom to pursue hobbies like fly fishing.

We had a great day on Yellow Creek. All the folks caught fish, shared stories, and made new friends. The soldier I worked with told me numerous times that he would go back to military service again, and it was hard to let go.

We worked on casting, as you know my most favorite subject, and managed to catch a one on a dry fly. Sweet!

I’m looking forward to working again with these brave heroes. With God’s blessing I will.

Take a moment to visit the Project Healing Waters website. I know you too will find a way to honor these men and women.

Seven must have flies for fly fishing Pennsylvania on opening day of trout season.

For many the spring season starts with going to their favorite water to try and catch a few recently stocked fish. I have written about this in the past a few times. I have many great memories of opening days with my friends and I believe it’s a nice way to learn the game.
Often beginning fly anglers have difficulty putting together a fly box for opening day trout season but unless you are specifically looking to fish over hatches you only need a handful of productive patterns to get you through the day. These are some of the best flies for fishing in Pennsylvania.

Pheasant Tail Nymph (size 16 – 12)
Pheasant Tail nymph
Originated by Frank Sawyer the Pheasant Tail nymph has evolved since he first developed the pattern without using tying thread. Now many patterns incorporate a beadhead and hot spot. This pattern is typically fished near the bottom but floating version work extremely well during a hatch.
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Prince Nymph (size 16 – 10)
prince nymph fishing fly
The materials used for the Prince Nymph make it one of the all-time best flies to represent many aquatic insects. Peacock herl represents everything from a cased caddis to bubbles being released during emergence. The tail and body shape suggest a stonefly. The contrasting color used for the biot wing case helps attract fish in a naturally shaped manner.
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Rainbow Warrior (size 18 – 20)

rainbow warrior nymph

Team USA champion Lance Egan knows what works. This fly has been a staple on the team for many years.
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Happy Anglers, Happy Fish

Taking a moment to thank my wonderful clients for sharing time with me on the water.

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Time spent fly fishing is not deducted from one’s life.

Tenacity, Perseverance, and Fly Fishing

Every day on the water is not filled with unicorns and fairy dust. Sometimes catching trout on the fly comes down to what it means to you. How does it fit with your priorities? Is it more than just a fish on the end of the line? Recently Don and I were cornered by those questions. Cornered, confronted, and downright challenged. As with many things, I can tell a lot about someones character by how they carry their self on the stream especially when confronted with difficult situations. Don is a trooper. He never whined. He took the high road and stuck it out with me.
Here’s Don enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Good times on the Little Juniata River!

A couple of great folks making it look easy!  Although the bugs were not super cooperative, the weather was spot on perfect.   The Little “J” is like any high quality water – difficult at times.  These two stuck in there and were ultimately rewarded with beautiful Little Juniata trout!  Good job!