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Audio Interview with Len Lichvar (Part 2)

In my previous post Interview with Len Lichvar (Part 1) we discussed The Stoney Creek River. This portion, Part 2, even gets better as we discuss loftier aspects of fishing and in our own special way life as we know it. I hope you enjoy!

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Audio Interview with Len Lichvar (Part 1)

“The Stonycreek River Gorge: This is a place that you have to want to fish.”

Len Lichvar at the Stonycreek River

I have written about the Stonycreek River before. My interview with Len Lichvar was a genuine pleasure. Len is the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commissioner for the Fourth District and a passionate conservation steward for the Stonycreek River as well as many other waters located in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Our discussion occurred in 2013 so a few things might have changed, for example, I do not know if the fingerling program is still active. The opportunity to talk with Len is beyond educational. Len gives us glimpses without the usual PR speak to a richer understanding of watershed issues and common sense approaches to solving them. Continue reading Audio Interview with Len Lichvar (Part 1)

The Little Juniata River, clean, full of trout, and fragile

Bill Anderson

We recently helped The Little Juniata River Association (LJRA) with their annual spring river clean-up. I can tell you that it is with great pride to give a back to this watershed. If you think about how much enjoyment we get by having a healthy environment then it goes without much convincing to help keep it that way and further improve it.
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April Vokey is the real deal.


If you haven’t heard of April Vokey let me give you a little background. She has dedicated her life to fly fishing. Her company, Fly Gal Ventures, is a thriving fly fishing guide business which she started in 2007 upon turning twenty-four years old. She pursues gamefish on the fly internationally and is becoming recognized as an authority on the sport.

      Fly Gal Ventures
      Fly Fisherman magazine
      Fly Rod & Reel magazine
      Fly Fusion magazine
      Outdoor Channel’s Buccaneers and Bones series
      60 Minutes Sports
      The Steve Harvey show
      Discovery Channel’s Refined
      Discovery’s/OLN’s Close Up Kings
      WFN’s Fly Nation TV
      ShoreLines with April Vokey (written and hosted by Vokey)

  FFF certified casting instructor
  Fly-tying instructor

And a self-described “eternal student of life and love”.

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An interview with Greg Hoover, Professor of Entomology at Penn State University

If you spend any time researching insects used for fly fishing you’ll soon discover Entomologist Greg Hoover. I have used his co-authored book Great Rivers – Great Hatches for many years. Greg recently made a presentation at International Angler located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I had the privilege to talk with him about fly fishing, and entomology. I hope you find our conversation as informative and enjoyable as I did.

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