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Fly Fishing Northcentral Pennsylvania: Slate Run


Tucked away in the Pine Creek Valley is a gem of a trout stream named Slate Run. It is located near the southwestern side of Tioga county and flows downstream through the northwestern side of Lycoming county. Slate Run is a classic Pennsylvania freestone stream. Benefitting from spring seeps, deep undercuts, and heavy tree canopy Slate Run remains relatively cold year-round.

Its headwaters originate from the Francis and Cushman branches. Both branches hold healthy populations of wild Brown trout. The headwaters ranges from approximately 3 to 8 feet wide and is small but has a good pool to riffle ratio.

Slate Run changes in character through the mid-section and downstream of Manor Falls. The pools are deeper and you will find more cliffs as it cuts through the steep mountains. This combined with large fallen timber make for great cover and challenging fishing.
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Lower Humbert Covered Bridge


The lower section of Laurel Hill creek in southwestern Pennsylvania has an outstanding delayed harvest section that is overlooked by many anglers. What is even more overlooked is the open water sections. Loaded with caddis the lower section offers many days of bouncing larva imitations along the bottom, drifting Elk hair dries and the like, or my all time favorite swinging emergers like Gary LaFontaine’s Sparkle Pupa. Since most of these fish are stockers tactics don’t need to get too scientific but as with any style fishing a good approach and ample experimentation is required. One of the landmarks along the way is the covered bridge found below the delayed harvest section.

The Yellow House

The Yellow House is located on the Little Juniata river just upstream from the town of Spruce Creek, PA. This section gets a lot of angling pressure, but everyone should fish it once in a while as there are always a few surprises to be had.
I really don’t know much about the Yellow House except it’s kind of yellow and was a lot more yellow years ago. This is the, first, of many photos I plan to post that document landmarks on various angling waters.