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Emerald Rainbow Fry

This streamer pattern is my attempt to sort of imitate early spring trout fry. In this case a rainbow trout. It’s a lot more flashy but that is intentional. The key aspects: translucent materials, flash, and eyes.

Big Fly B, White
Hanak, H 950 BL #8
Midge Flash, PurpleKrystal
Flash, Dark Green or Rainbow
Ice Wing, Light Olive
EP Sparkle Fiber, Pearl

How to get stuck fishing rods sections apart.

Stuck fly fishing rod sections… Not good.

I have broken fishing rods by trying to get the stuck sections apart. Breakage is usually due to bending and over stressing the sections. The easiest remedy is to have a buddy help you pull it apart. This is accomplished by each person placing one hand on opposing sections and their other hand on the sections closest to them. Next, have only one participant pull while the other holds steady. This approach helps even the pressure and reduce stress on the rod sections.
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Fly Fishing The Little Juniata River, Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania

Recently our crew at PAFLYGUIDE.COM visited the Little Juniata River, in Spruce Creek Pennsylvania.
Chasing hatches is always a gamble. This year we didn’t hit the Grannom. In fact the peak emergence on the Little Juniata occurred in extreme high water so the fishing never really turned on full blast. In this video we started with high hopes but fell back to our tried and true tactics – down and dirty nymphing. I managed to catch a beautiful “J” brown with big shoulders using a small PT nymph. Continue reading Fly Fishing The Little Juniata River, Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania

Fly Fishing: The Tuck Cast

One major key to successful nymph fishing is to get your flies to the bottom quickly. In this video I show you how to use the Tuck Cast which helps you reach the bottom faster. Several casts require an overpowered stroke; including the curve cast. In this video I demonstrate how to execute this stroke and make these casts.

Echo Micro Practice Rod

Fly Fishing Meadow Run, Ohiopyle Pennsylvania

We recently fished Meadow Run located in Ohiopyle Pennsylvania. A classic mountain stream, Meadow Run offering the angler an opportunity to catch trout in the beautiful Laurel Highlands. Afterwards check out the charming town of Ohiopyle – it’s got something for anglers and non-anglers alike. More information about Meadow Run

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An interview with Greg Hoover, Professor of Entomology at Penn State University

If you spend any time researching insects used for fly fishing you’ll soon discover Entomologist Greg Hoover. I have used his co-authored book Great Rivers – Great Hatches for many years. Greg recently made a presentation at International Angler located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I had the privilege to talk with him about fly fishing, and entomology. I hope you find our conversation as informative and enjoyable as I did.

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International Angler, Full Service Fly Fishing, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

We recently visited International Angler located in Pittsburgh to talk with Greg Hoover and we will be posting our full-length interview very soon.

The guys at International Angler are the real deal. As a complete full-service shop they have something for the beginning and expert angler alike. IA also offers a large variety of angling travel opportunities year-round. Stop by and say hello I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

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The Gear: Winter Fly Fishing Yellow Creek Bedford, Pennsylvania

This month is our crew at PAFLYGUIDE.COM visits Yellow Creek in Bedford Pennsylvania.
It’s winter so I went to my go-to nymphing tactics. In this video, I show you the two nymph rigs used and how to set them up.  

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Winter Fly Fishing Yellow Creek, Bedford Pennsylvania

This month our crew at PAFLYGUIDE.COM visits Yellow Creek in Bedford Pennsylvania.
Bedford Pennsylvania is a charming town filled with nice shops and something for everyone. For us it’s definitely fly fishing. Just outside of town is a sweet little gem named Yellow Creek.

I show that you can catch fish in the dead of winter but it takes a little work. Hopefully this video will warm your hearts and spur you to go have some winter fun.

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