Fly Fishing Northcentral Pennsylvania: Cedar Run

Name: Cedar Run
Region: Northcentral Pennsylvania
County: Tioga, Lycoming
GPS Coordinates: N41°31′21° W77°26′45°
Approximate Length: 7.44
State Fishing Designation:Trophy Trout Artificial Lures Only*

There are so many great little streams along the Pine creek canyon in northcentral Pennsylvania. Nestled near the village of Cedar Run, beginning just north of White Horse hollow along Cedar Mountain road and ending south of Oxbow hollow beneath the overpass of Route 414 is the beautifully rugged trout stream named Cedar Run. The twin of Slate Run, Cedar run has all the characteristics of a north central Pennsylvania freestone stream. It runs cold throughout the year, holds a variety of aquatic insects, and plenty of wild trout.

One of the many reasons for Cedar’s success is its limited accessibility. There are parking areas along Leetonia road, and Cedar Mountain road but the steep mountains, and narrow road limit parking to a few opportunities at best. In many places the terrain is difficult to hike but stunningly gorgeous and worth the effort.

Fishing Notes
As with Slate Run, typically Cedar freezes over through the winter making for limited opportunities. Although the hardy angler can find success through the winter months by using subsurface tactics such as, streamers, big nymphs, and colorful attractor flies. Generally, fly-fishing season begins in early spring with the appearance of the Little Black Stone.

Primetime fishing occurs between mid-April through mid-June. Anglers can find heavy hatches including Blue-Winged Olives, Quill Gordons, Hedricksons, Caddis, and Drakes. The trout population is predominately wild except for the occasional rouge stocked fish found near the confluence with Pine creek. The water is usually gin clear; your chances increase anytime you can fish it with slightly heavier flows and colored water. Cover the broken water and pockets on clear days especially during the spring months. Fish the shaded edges through the summer with beetles and ants. Bring your “A” game to fish the slow moving gin clear pools. Long leaders and stealthy approaches are a must. A classic day on Cedar starts with a morning session fishing dry/droppers or swinging wets, a great lunch and storytelling at the Slate Run Tackle shop, followed by a blitz hatch through the afternoon and evening.


Hatch Chart

Blue Quill (16-18)    
Little Black Stonefly (16)    
Quill Gordon (14)      
Dark Olive Caddis (16)    
Green Caddis (16)    
Tan Caddis (16)  
Hendrickson (14)  
Little Yellow Stonefly (16)  
Gray Fox (12)  
Sulphur (16 18)  
Slate Drake (12- 14)  
Blue-WInged Olive (14 -16)  
Blue Quill (18)  
Trico (24)    
Midge (24-18)                  

Local History:
Both Cedar and Slate run were an integral part of the logging industry, which was prevalent during the 1800’s. Cedar Run has great local historical importance. The Cedar Run Baptist church, which brought prominent local residents together for Sunday service.

Pine Creek Arks

A sawmill, post office, hotel, and general store were also located in the village. With the railroad passing directly through town, Cedar Run was a welcome resting stop for weary travelers. Names such as, John and Margret Morrison, John Callahan, Major General Brown, John S. Tomb, to list a few, are immortalized throughout the area and certainly played a role in the prosperity of Cedar Run.

The scenery is exceedingly bold and picturesque, and before the advent of the railroad there was no wilder place in the State.  [1]

The earliest settlers found the area bountiful with fish and game. Elk, trout, and other game, even Panther resided in the area according to local settlers. The Pine creek valley offers exceptional natural splendor, it is apparent why so many travelers visit the area today.

Area Highlights
Pine Creek Grand Gorge
Cedar Run
Pine Creek
Wellsboro, PA

Hotel Manor
Cedar Inn
Pettecote Junction Campground
Black Walnut Bottom
Bit Of Heaven Campground
Pine Creek Watershed Association
Tiadaghton State Foreest
Tiadaghton State Forest Map

Slate Run Tackle Shop
Hotel Manor
Cedar Run Inn

Fly Shops
Slate Run Tackle Shop

Seasons Along the Tiadaghton: An Environmental History of the Pine Creek Gorge Hardcover – May, 1993by Steven E. Owlett

Short Hikes in Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon Paperback – 1993, by Chuck Dillon

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[1] History of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania edited by John F. Meginness, Published 1892, pg. 678.