Fly Fishing Schools

Beginners Fly Fishing School

Beginners Fly Fishing School photo

Fly fishing made easy.

This school covers the essential topics. No experience required.

Get started correctly by taking simple steps to building a solid foundation. This school starts at the very beginning and by the end of the day you will be ready to catch fish. You may even catch a few during the day. By breaking the complexities into easy to follow components that everyone can follow, this course is designed for anyone that wants to take the first step, learn the proper way, and progress rapidly.
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Nymph Fly Fishing School

Nymphing School photo

Find out how competitive anglers cleanup on the stream.

Learn how to effectively use subsurface fly fishing techniques. This school covers traditional and european nymphing tactics, techniques, rigs, and flies. It will be conducted almost entirely on-stream with students practicing each technique. Essentially building a variety of nymphing techniques for any situation they encounter. Learn innovative techniques beyond conventional traditional and euro tactics. This course is designed to take you to the next level.
Nymph Fly Fishing School

Dry Fly Fishing School

Dry Fly School photo

Gain the required skills to experience the joys of dry fly fishing.

Learn how to effectively use dry fly fishing techniques. We’ll cover a broad range of topics aimed at making you a better dry fly angler. Topics ranging from basic insect identification, essential and advanced casting, and plenty of individual on-stream guided instruction.
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